Hello, my name is Brian Montefalcon. I am the host of IMGRYDES.com, this site/blog will be dedicated to covering events hosted and or attended by members. It will cover local car scenes in San Diego, Temecula, Las Vegas and many other places. We will have a short history page and member profiles as well as a store to help fund this site.

Check out events by going to the menu button. Stay tuned for more coverage.

Please bookmark our site for future event coverage or just to hear more from us.
Leave comments below to speak to us or send emails to imgSanDiego@gmail.com

If you are not already following our Facebook group please do so.  Intense Motoring Group

Thank you for taking the time to check out our site.

IMG Family @ IMG's 10th Annual Ol' Skewl Event

IMG Family @ IMG’s 10th Annual Ol’ Skewl Event

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  1. IMG 11th annual car show is coming up, please join us Saturday August 13 at Southwestern College from 9am to 4pm, This event caters to old school imports and now top 8 new school will awarded as well. Hope to see you guys there, to register please email us IMGsandiego@gmail.com Thank you!


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