Street NEO Classics 80’s & 90’s Car Show (Inaugural)

I first stumbled on this event while searching for event pictures from the past 86Fest that I had recently attended.  I was in love at the first glance of the flyer.  A show specifically for all the cars I loved growing up, the cars I drooled over at the shows I attended with my cousin and other IMG members in 1997 through 2003.  Mind you, the last show I went to was new school, new school at every corner. Growing up there were no Scions, just Lexus and Toyotas. So the idea of being able to attend this type of show was a no brainer.

This event is hosted by JCCS, yes the same group that host JCCS at Queen Mary every year. I do not attend JCCS every year, not by choice of course, but when I do I enjoy everything I see..
The plus side of attending this show was also being able to visit the Toyota Museum. Killing two birds with one stone and its free!

A little about the neo classic show, it allowed only cars in production between 1980 through 1999. Of course there are a few exceptions, if your car model is still in production after 1999 than that car is still welcome to display. An example would be the Mazda rx-7 (FD) which was introduced in the 1990’s and continued to be sold in the 2000’s, but only in Japan. Another exception would be on how rare the car is because I did see a couple Toyota Crowns.

I can’t wait for next year show.

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