About IMG

Intense Motoring Group, started off as a group of friends who later became FAMILY brought together with the same passion in cars. These friends worked together in shops such as Group5 Motorsport, AEBS (Advance Engine Breathing System), ASC (Auto Sport Concept) just to name a few.  Some of you may not recognize these shops anymore, by these were the pioneer of the import car scene in California, way before social media.

These group of friends were avid car guys. They enjoyed local car scene events, hosted car shows, underground events, and car races (some legal and some not) in the early 90’s. Week in and week out they spent their days at the local garage working on cars, where their bond only grew stronger. In 1998 while hanging out a few met and brought up the idea of creating a car club to represent that group that later became family, in September that year Intense Motoring Group was established.

Eugene Celica

Eugene Abad’s Celica

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